© 2009 Santa Barbara County Child Abuse Prevention Council

© 2010 Santa Barbara County Child Abuse Prevention Council

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If you are a Santa Barbara County mandated reporter and you suspect child abuse or neglect, YOU MUST ADHERE TO THE FOLLOWING PROCEDURES:

  1. Immediately call the Santa Barbara County Hotline at (800)367.0166.
    In the case of an emergency, please call 911.
  2. Complete and file a Suspected Child Abuse Report, Form #SS8572.
    The SCAR form and instructions are available
  3. Retain a legible copy of the SCAR Report.
  4. YOU are responsible for making this report. DO NOT ALLOW your supervisor/principal to make the report for you or assume because another co-worker has some of the same information that they will make the report.
  5. Do not attempt to investigate, conduct interviews or interfere with the information you hold.
  6. Remember that you are to report SUSPECTED abuse—you are not required to have witnessed or have complete proof of the incident. You are obligated by law to report what you observe or what you are told that caused suspicion the child is being physically, sexually or emotionally abused or neglected. When in doubt, call CWS or law enforcement and get their input about the scope of your report.


Mandated Reporting Procedures for California Law Required Reporters